MB Embroidery caters to customers that need high quality contract embroidery, personalized customer service and competitive prices. Choosing a contract embroiderer is more than just finding someone to sew your products, it is a relationship. We understand the quality of our work is a direct representation of your business.

MB Embroidery’s customers rave about our quality and attention to detail. Top quality embroidery requires precision at each step. Digitizing, quality backing and thread, top-of-the-line machines and experienced operators, who can adjust the machines as needed, based on the logo and material being sewn, are the key components to our operation. Because our goals are not measured by the number of stitches per hour, we will slow the machines down on materials that need more care or change needles for different materials.

Samples of work?

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. When that means spending more time sewing a design to make it perfect, that’s what we do.