Our Services

At MB Embroidery you can expect quality service on all your orders. That being said, here is what you should expect on each and every order from MB Embroidery.

New Order Submission

When we receive your order (via Fax, email or delivered) we will respond back to you with an email or phone call acknowledging your order within 4 hours.

If we have any questions, they will be addressed immediately

Product Delivered to MB Embroidery

When your product arrives, we will verify and check your order in against your purchase order. If there are any discrepancies regarding your order we will contact you and let you know what the differences are at that time.

New Logos

For new logos that need to be digitized:

  • All art is emailed to art@mbembroidery.com.
  • We will quote the cost and stitch count to you within 4 hours
  • We have a checklist of information needed in order to properly quote the logo to you. Please refer to the list below and include all information in order to expedite your set-up
  • When the quote has been approved your logo will be digitized and a sewout will be ready within 2-3 business days.
  • 24 hour RUSH service is available. The cost will double.
  • A copy of your design will be scanned and emailed to you or you can drop by and pick up the sewout. We will provide you with one sewout as part of your set-up charge. Additional sewouts can be produced upon request, however there will be a $7.50 charge for each additional sewout.
  • The .dst files are your property. We will provide them to you upon request.

We require written approval on all new logos before production starts. You are approving:

  • Size
  • Colors
  • Quality

Product Time

After approval on new logos, or receipt of a repeat order, standard production time is 7 business days. We will provide you with your in-hands date at the time of order.

Some large orders, or logos with very large stitch counts may take longer, however we will notify you at the time of order placement the date your order will be completed.

Rush orders are part of the business. We will do everything we can to get those orders in the schedule and done by your date. A rush charges may apply.

When complete we will call or email letting you know that your order is complete.

At time of delivery we will provide you with a copy of your invoice. Terms are Net 10.

Expectations of our Customers

In order to be as efficient and error free as possible, we would greatly appreciate your help when submitting new logos and new orders.

New Logos

We request that you send us your art files in a vector .eps format or a high res .jpg format.

Please provide the following information when submitting new logos:

  • What type of material the logo is to be sewed on
  • Logo Size
  • PMS or Thread colors (Robinson Anton or Madiera)
  • Any special instructions or changes to the art provided

New Orders

When sending in a new order, please provide the following:

  • When will the blank product arrive
  • How will it arrive
  • What is your in hands date
  • Will it be picked-up or shipped
  • Logo Location
  • If there are special instructions or color changes, please note them

Repeat Orders

  • Provide the same information as new orders, however please confirm that the logo and placement are exactly the same
  • Reference the past order by your order number

For your convenience you can download our 2 different forms here: