For over 15 years MB Embroidery & Screen Print has been a key partner to many top distributors.

MB Embroidery was founded out of frustration from using contract decorators who measured success by the number of pieces instead of the quality of their service and decoration. When your reputation and business depend on a decorator to deliver orders on-time with excellent quality, MB is the partner that you have been looking for. We value the trust our partners have in us and the relationships we have formed over the years. We are selective with who we work with and want to be sure the partnership is appreciated by both parties. If you think your company is a good fit, let’s talk.

Embroidery Quick Facts

  • 55 heads of Tajima Embroidery machines
  • Two shifts
  • Capacity of 45,000 pieces per month
  • Average Operator has 15 years of experience, 8 years at MB

Screen Printing Quick Facts

  • 2 – 12 station/10 color automatic M&R presses
  • 1 manual M&R press
  • Direct to Screen technology to burn screens
  • Capacity 60,000 pieces per month
Free inbound shipping using Sanmar PSST and AlphaBroder MPACT

Why do we have the best quality and service?

  • We built proprietary production flow software that powers our business
  • We have rigorous processes from receiving art and garments to sewing and shipping
  • We employ 5 full time receivers who inspect and count in all garments against the packing list and your PO
  • All art is set up in-house
    • Your logo is digitized in-house, stitched out, then approved by our master digitizer who has 30 years of experience
    • Your screen print designs are separated and proofs done in-house then sent directly to burn screens – no film
  • 3 full time customer service representatives who respond quickly to customer questions and quotes
  • Our embroidery operators have an average of 15 yeas of experience and over 8 years with us
  • We decorate using the best machines made: Tajima embroidery machines and M&R Screen Printing Machines
  • We use Madiera and Robinson Anton thread, high quality backing and solvy when needed
  • We slow our machines down to stitch or print the small details cleanly
  • We trim the thread between letters in all of our designs
  • We have 4 full-time quality control specialists who inspect your logos and garments, count the order, then fold and individually bag each piece
  • We have two full time shippers who package and ship UPS, FedEx or schedule local courier service

To give the best service, offer excellent quality and be super dependable, a company needs structure and vision to succeed. That means the best people, equipment and processes.

At MB, we have it all

What to expect when working with us.

MB Embroidery & Screen Print is dedicated to our customer’s success.

  • Great Customer Service
  • Excellent Quality Decoration
  • Reliable lead-times

Looking for a New Embroidery or Screen Print Partner?

We are looking for companies who need a true partner and appreciate a relationship. If you spend over $20,000 per year on embroidery and screenprint, we would love to talk to you.